Writers' Group

Writers' Group

Whether you're a novice scribbler or a published author, you're welcome to join the Letchworth Writers’ Group. We meet on the 1st Tuesday of each month, in Mrs. Howard Hall, from 7:30 – 9:30 p.m.

The cost is just £3 for LALG members or first-time visitors, and £5 if you're not a member.
Membership supports over 90 groups in the area and adds to the richness of the community.
You also receive valuable discounts from many local businesses.

Each month we write two or three pages inspired by a specific topic or genre, which is chosen in advance according to our annual writing timetable.

The writers share their work via confidential files on Dropbox a week before our meeting. This allows us to read each piece and make constructive comments, which we discuss on the night. Sharing your writing is optional.

We also write a creative exercise and talk about ways to improve our craft.

We’re a friendly and varied group, and you are welcome to join us.

Head over to our Facebook page, where you'll find inspiration, tips, and links to current competitions and opportunities.

Please come to the next meeting. And if you like the group and wish to join, we'll include you in the Dropbox file-sharing for the next time.

Kind regards,
Your fellow Letchworth Writers


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Fancy winning a 25 pound voucher for David's Bookstore? Get your pens and paper ready, as the Writers'  Group is hosting a 500 word writing competition, open to all members of the LALG, course participants from the Letchworth Settlement, and recent customers of the bookstore.


The full rules and guidelines can be found below.
Please read them carefully.

The email address for your entry is letchworthwritingcomp@gmail.com

Good luck!





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