Previously known as ‘Chickens and Chicken Keeping’, we would like to widen the group and invite all keepers of poultry and waterfowl.

A fantastic group for keepers of poultry & waterfowl.

Good opportunity to share experiences and advice, or gain new knowledge.

Meetings take place every two months at different locations. We would love to have more members – new and experienced keepers welcome.

Contact us for more information.


If you are interested in mankind's propensity to wage war, from the ancient days of bronze weaponry to Unmanned Aerial Drones in the warfare of today, join us on the third Thursday every month to hear talks and discussion of this vast subject. All periods and aspects are included: recent talks have been enjoyed on TE Lawrence, the development of naval gunnery and life in a POW camp  in WWI.

Could you do this? – nor can we but we like to try.

After 17 years of superb analysis and uncanny intuition we remain competitive with the FTSE 100 !!

We now have a vacancy so if you would like to join us for a pint or a glass of wine each month while recommending the latest high-flying company to your new friends please let us know.


The title sums it up - a group to consider all and every matter relating to Europe.


We are all on holiday in different parts of Europe, of course!
So we don't have an August meeting.
Subjects coming up in the Autumn are:
Gardens and Farming in Europe, (provisionally), and Keeping the Peace in Europe since the WW1 Armistice.
Details in 'Group Events' on the right.


Anyone who would like to consider taking on the co-ordination of the group is asked to contact the LALG Chairman, William Armitage: 07890 709462 or email:

We study history through the ages and have a programme of talks and visits related to the era being studied.

As a group we are full,  but see our various 'Group Events'  (to the right): many interesting excursions are open to non-group members as well as non-LALG members.



This year will be taken up by completing our book on Letchworth - The Only New Industrial Town in England? It's only too easy to get carried away! It will include the early industries in Letchworth, as well as celebrating Ebenezer Howard, just in case he is taken too much for granted.

Meditation for inner peace.

Every Tuesday, 7.00pm to 9.00pm at St Christopher School.

Experience joy, deep tranquillity and the ability to deal better with whatever comes your way. You will be surprised how easy it is to gently guide your mind to experience deep rest and restore yourself.

Talks on a variety of specialised subjects.

Health for the health less: voluntary work in India.

The history of language: a lighthearted review.

Links between Britain and Finland

If anyone has missed the previous talks and would like them to be repeated, or for more information, please contact Katka.

Monitor the 'Events' panel to the right for details of these meetings when they become available

There will not be a meeting in November.

A lively discussion group that discusses life, the universe and everything!!!

We normally meet in the Spirella Building at 7.30pm to 9.00pm on the third Monday of every month - but please check with Dave Shane if you are coming to your first meeting.

Meetings are open to anyone who is either a member of the LALG or non-members but who are willing to join.

Please note the New Group Contact.

This group enters a team (or teams) in general knowledge quizzes held at various locations in Letchworth Garden City and other nearby towns and villages. We try to take part in a couple of quizzes a month - not on any specific evening - so if you know of a quiz near you that you'd like to take part in, join us & we'll fit it in. Or perhaps you know about a one-off quiz at the weekend.

The quiz nights we are planning to attend in the near future are shown in the Group Events column on the right.

We offer an interesting and varied range of speakers focusing on our industrial heritage, together with occasional group outings to museums, mills, forges, steam traction etc 

Meetings are at 8:00pm on the first Tuesday of each month, at  Jackman's Community Centre, Letchworth, SG6 2NL

I have been measuring the temperatures and rainfall for the past five years so I haven't a huge history of recordings. The little group of enthusiasts would be very happy to hear from others in Letchworth and the surrounding villages who have comparison figures so do get in touch if you would like to compare notes or meet up.