The City, from 0 to AD 2000

Thursday, 7 September 2017

Leader: Philip Sayers

Piece together the City of London from nothing, through the Romans, back to nothing, through the medieval period to the ultra-modern metropolis that it is now.

Highlights include Roman echoes persisting to this day, the wooden London Bridge, medieval
churches, and the very centre of global commerce since 1660. About 4-mile walk with time for coffee and lunch.

All meet at Kings Cross at 10.15am platform 1 exit barrier. Meet at Letchworth rail station at 9.30am for travel-sharing, for the 9.45 train, (9.35 Royston). Baldock 9.27 change at Letchworth. Or separately; 9.31 Hitchin, 9.37 Stevenage.

Buy an ‘offpeak Travelcard', this includes the Tube to Monument. Leaving London
before 4.15pm. 

Book now with Philip Sayers (not Rosemary) (preferred) or 01462 686798. Include your LALG number.

On the day: 07854 782687.

£3 contribution to research expenses.

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