Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Stamford stands in the southern part of Kesteven, Lincolnshire, and is renowned for its historical, religious and architectural wonder. Declared a conservation area in 1967 and proclaimed as 'the finest stone town in England', Stamford offers visitors numerous places to visit and enjoy within easy access of the charming town centre.

Stamford's history began with the Saxons and the Danes, who developed sites on both sides of the river before the Norman Conquest. By the 14th century, Stamford was one of the richest towns in England, with wealth based on the woollen industry and exports of pottery and finished cloth. Many religious orders settled here, rich patrons endowed the churches, and there was even an attempt to rival Oxford as a university town in 1333. However, most visitors are impressed by the 18th and early 19th century town houses, built during Stamford's second great period of prosperity in the stagecoach era. While highwaymen plagued the travellers along the Great North Road, restful nights and good beer were assured in numerous hostelries. Shops sold luxury goods, there was a racecourse, an assembly rooms, and famous actors performed at the Georgian theatre. Quieter times returned once the stagecoaches were superseded by the railways during the 1840s. Engineering played a role in Stamford's development during the early 20th century, but hospitality and tourism has been a regular feature of town life ever since J..M.W. Turner painted High Street St. Martins.

On arrival we will have coffee and meet our guide who will show us many places of interest. After the tour there will be free time visit the museum, art gallery, shops etc.

The cost will be a total of £16 LALG members, £18 non-members.

The coach will leave Baldock outside Templars Restaurant (formerly Zeus) at 9.00am and Letchworth opposite Barclays bank at 9.15am.

To book, please ring Maureen Strutt on 01767 318117 or 07971 172430 or email All cheques to be made out to History 3.

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