Beth Chatto Gardens and Colchester Castle

Thursday, 25 August 2016 - 8:00am

This trip will take us first to the Beth Chatto gardens for an introductory talk, and after further time for independent exploration, to Colchester Castle, which is also the town museum.

The Beth Chatto Garden has been developed on the criteria that plants are selected on the basis that their natural habitat most closely matches that of the area where they are to be planted, and today the gardens are a demonstration that it is possible using this approach to have a beautiful and interesting garden even in the driest part of Britain. The gardens extend to some six acres, and include a dry garden, a woodland garden and a water garden. There is an extensive plant nursery and a shop and tea room and a separate picnic area.

Colchester Castle, which we shall then visit, was built at the end of the 11th century, and today the massive keep (the largest medieval keep in Europe) is its most notable feature. The castle stands in a large park, laid out with many flower beds. Within the keep is the town museum, containing artefacts from Roman times when Colchester was at one time the capital of Britain, up to the medieval period. Also on display will be the Fenwick Hoard, items only recently discovered during building work in the town.

The trip will cost £29.00 per person (£30.00 non- LALG). Please make cheques payable to Monday to Friday Group. Pick-ups will be 8.00am Letchworth, opposite Barclays Bank, and 8.15am Baldock (the Fortuna restaurant). We expect to be back by about 6.30pm.
To book your place on this trip, ring Ron Verran on 01462 486272 after 10.30am on Tuesday 5 July.

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