Strengthening the LALG for the next 10 Years

Wednesday, 30 March 2016 - 7:30pm

In the last two years the LALG has stepped into the world of Social Media with a presence on Facebook, Twitter and Streetlife and we believe that we are now beginning to see benefits to our membership from these activities which complement our Website and monthly Newsletter.

Looking forward, we wish to update the image of the LALG and make more use of email communications with our members. We are looking for help from volunteers with modern IT and Publishing skills to redesign our Logo, restyle our Website, create a new look to our Newsletter so that it is easier to read and find what you are looking for and also easier for our Newsletter team to manage, and help develop our email system and membership database. We would also like to become involved in additional applications such as Meetup.

If you have the knowledge to help tackle these projects please come along to a meeting on Wednesday 30 March, 7.30pm at David's Bookshop or contact us via our Secretary, email:

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