Trip to Canterbury

Thursday, 28 April 2016

We will be travelling using Off Peak Day Return tickets - fare is £44.40 (£29.30 with Railcard), so you can join us on the day. When buying tickets ensure you specify via St Pancras and HS1, since there is a slightly cheaper fare via London Victoria.

Also, if catching the train from Letchworth ensure you catch the 0921 destination Moorgate - there is a train immediately before this stopping at Kings Cross only on which Offpeak tickets are not valid. You can also join us at Hitchin. Timings are as follows:


Letchworth Garden City  dep.      09:21 (change at Hitchin

Hitchin                          dep.      09:31

London Kings Cross       arr.       10:06


London St Pancras        dep.     1037

Ashford                         arr.       1114 (change)

Ashford                         dep.     1130

Canterbury W                arr.       1148


A choice of trains on the way back, some involving a change at Ashford

Canterbury W                dep.     1641     1725     1741     1825

Ashford                         arr.       1659                 1800

Ashford                         dep.     1716                 1816

London St Pancras        arr.       1754     1823     1854     1921


London Kings Cross       dep.     1823     1833     1853     1921     1944

Letchworth                    arr.       1852     1914     1924     1950     2010


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