Circuit, North of Letchworth and Jordans Mill - Hertfordshire

Tuesday 19th January 2016

Nine of us set out on today's ride which initially was a short ten miles circuit taking in Jordan's Mill. Mia, Sheila, Frank T, Frank C, David R, David W, Louise, Lorayne and myself Geoff left Letchworth in very cold conditions and were in need of warm refreshments after our ride to the cafe via Henlow and Langford. After we had warmed up and the weather had done the same (slightly) we then set off on a much longer route back via Southill, Ireland, Haynes, Clophill, after which the group took a short off road detour which resulted in two punctures for Lorayne and David R. I had avoided the detour in case of mud, but it turned out to be hedge cutting that caused the problem. Right decision but for the wrong reason. David's puncture caught up with him at the scene of an accident in Shefford where two white vans and a car had all tried to occupy the same piece of road at the same time. Lucky we didn't get there earlier or we might have been the meat in the sandwich. The result of these punctures was that the group was split up and we returned to Letchworth in two or possibly three groups. I returned with Sheila and Frank C via Stotfold and Norton arriving back at about 3pm. Total distance 33 miles, which was quite good considering the temperature when I left home was minus 2"C. Thanks to Frank T for leading on the return journey as far as Shefford.