LALG Walking Holidays (Affiliated - HF Holidays)

LALG Walking Holidays (Affiliated - HF Holidays)

Although the group holidays have now come to an end, some of us are going to Dolgellau for a

week's self-guided walking next year - 26 May to 2 June. At the time of writing rooms are still available and any friends who are interested in joining us would be very welcome.
I would like to take this opportunity of thanking those who have arranged holidays in the past, especially Harold and Carol Stokes who started the whole thing off and organised the holidays for several years. For more details: Contact: Kate Thompson 01462 621248;

More News and Pictures

Northumberland in September, Note the blue skies!

A brief note (just to complete the sequence really!) 

Yet another fine holiday!! 

Spectacular weather, good light & particularly high seas.  A photographer (and walker's) dream.  

The principle feature of this holiday was the spectacular inaccuracy of the weather forecasting!  

In the Lake District, it hardly rained at all!

Despite the indication of the photos, it did not rain ALL the time!

Brecon is a small house, and there was no ‘easier walking with sightseeing’ on this holiday.

 (Written on the occasion of our first LALG Walking Holiday).  I did the ‘classic walks’,

Somehow, we did not take many pictures!

Some rain, but then it was Yorkshire.

The house on Dartmoor is literally that.  It is a short stroll from Hay Tor, but not very near to anything else!