Leisure A-K

If you are interested in mankind's propensity to wage war, from the ancient days of bronze weaponry to Unmanned Aerial Drones in the warfare of today, join us on the third Thursday every month to hear talks and discussion of this vast subject. All periods and aspects are included: recent talks have been enjoyed on TE Lawrence, the development of naval gunnery and life in a POW camp  in WWI.

Could you do this? – nor can we but we like to try.

After 17 years of superb analysis and uncanny intuition we remain competitive with the FTSE 100 !!

We now have a vacancy so if you would like to join us for a pint or a glass of wine each month while recommending the latest high-flying company to your new friends please let us know.


Researchers have discovered that camping outdoors can help people to have a good night’s sleep. Being away from artificial light and screens can adjust the body clock by up to two and-a-half hours, which is considered to be beneficial.

No further meetings planned

Group Contact Roy Arden: 07966 151875, royal15@virginmedia.com


Keep watching for details of future meetings where we will share hints, tips and stories about our hens.

If you are interested in joining our group, please contact Lauren.

Lauren Cameron 01462 679569; laurenecameron@hotmail.com


We meet on Wednesday evenings to learn how to service and repair clocks under our tutor Richard Edwards with the assistance of Bernard Bailey. Richard is an experienced horologist and teacher who also teaches at the Epping Forest Horology Centre.

We are a group of enthusiastic gardeners who visit each other's gardens and exchange information over coffee. The only criterion for membership is to have your own garden.

Please note that until March we meet fortnightly on Tuesday mornings instead of weekly.

We visit each other’s gardens, usually meeting once a month to view the garden and discuss gardening topics over a cup of tea or coffee. We would welcome new members.

Numbers attending meetings may be limited and members will be accepted on a first come, first served basis. It is therefore essential to speak directly to the host to confirm attendance.

We are a friendly group whose visits and social activities are mainly, but not exclusively, concerned with garden visits/gardening/countryside. 


New members are always very welcome - you don’t need a garden to join our group!


If you are interested in joining Gardens for All please contact Susan Mellor (see Group contact to the right).

Anyone who would like to consider taking on the co-ordination of the group is asked to contact the LALG Chairman, William Armitage: 07890 709462 or email: chairman@lalg.org.uk

We study history through the ages and have a programme of talks and visits related to the era being studied.

As a group we are full,  but see our various 'Group Events'  (to the right): many interesting excursions are open to non-group members as well as non-LALG members.


Another group to meet the ever-expanding interest in matters of history!

We have a programme of coach trips to places of historic interest which is open to all LALG members and non-members.

For details of our meetings and outings see 'Group Events' to the right.


Come along for a sociable knitting session and share your tips and patterns.

Contact Annie for details of the venues.

There will be no meetings during December due to other commitments.

Please note that the next meetings will be on Mondays 8 and 22 January.
For details of venue once confirmed please phone Annie.

We meet at each other's houses which means seating is limited.

However, please phone Annie if you would like to join us as we currently have a couple of vacancies.