The Publicity Team

William Armitage  Sheila Hogan  Ann Pegrum

Ian Wooding  David Tappin

Additional volunteers are always very welcome.

See our 'Group Reports' below for the latest LALG initiatives.

More News and Pictures

Basic design for LALG posters with option for black or green logo and green logo at the top or bottom of poster.  Page size A4 Borderles.


LGCHF kindly allowed us to use the empty shop at 9 Arena Parade for our Open Day.

LALG are having an Open Day  on Satuday 26th September

Visit us in the town centre shop at 9 Arena Parade

Tea, Coffee & Cakes

LALG Groups Display

LALG is suporting the Letchworth Festival with an interesting variety of events.

We would be very grateful for any help from any members with organising some of our events.

We now have a Twitter page  - search for Letchworth_LALG or more specifically @Letchworth_LALG.

We now have a Facebook page  - search for Letchworth Arts and Leisure Group

If you have a Facebook account please "Like" us by going to our page and clicking the Like button.

From an idea from William Armitage and an LALG member resident at Fairfield we will be holding an Open Day on Thursday 20th March at Fairfield Community Hall between 2pm and 8pm.